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February 22, 2021  

E197 -The Silence of our Friends

We finish up our Black History month with The Silence of our Friends.

February 15, 2021  

Ep 196 - The Harlem Hellfighters

This week we are reading about an all-black platoon in WW 1. 

February 9, 2021  

Ep 195 - Strange Fruit

Our second black history month book is Strange Fruit.  Two versions were read, one was better.  

February 2, 2021  

Ep 194 - March Book 2

We are starting black history month by reading book two Sen. John Lewis's autobiographical comic 'March'.   

January 25, 2021  

Ep 193 - Adulthood is a Myth

We all feel very seen this week with the short comics from Sarah Andersen.  This week we are reading Adulthood is a  Myth.

January 20, 2021  

Ep 192 - How to Talk to Girls at Parties

We are back with the next book of our month of Slice of Life books.  This one is based on a short story by Neil Gaiman.  

January 12, 2021  

Ep 191 - Giant Days

We are back with a wonderful book that has us all telling funny stories about our strange days in college. 

January 5, 2021  

Ep 190 - Daytripper

Our first book in our month of "a slice of life" books is the amazing Daytripper. We all get drunk on life (and booze) in this episode, enjoy.  

December 28, 2020  

Ep 189 -The Coldest City

Our last book of the month is the basis for the action movie Atomic Blond.

December 21, 2020  

Ep 188- Whiteout

Our second last book in our month of winter/cold books is Whiteout. A murder mystery in the south pole.  It also happens to be Greg Rucka's first foray into comics. 

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