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October 19, 2021  

Ep 231 - Marvel Zombies

Join us as we read a book from a simpler time, a time before Zombies were completely played out.  This week we are reading Marvel Zombies, the second to last in this year's Halloween Comics.

October 12, 2021  

Ep 230 - Crossed

Well, Adam finally did it. He got us to read this book.  We read Crossed, so you don't have to. 

October 5, 2021  

Ep 229 - Dracula Mother F-er

Mix some Dracula with some Blacksploitation cinema and you get our first book of this year's month of Halloween comics.  

September 28, 2021  

Ep 228 - A Silent Voice

We are ending our Back-To-School month 'A Silent Voice'. The first part of a story is about a bully and his eventual redemption. 

September 21, 2021  

Ep 227 - Backstagers

We all relive our high school days with a book about a high school theater crew.  

September 14, 2021  

Ep 226 - Primer

Back to school month continues with the story of superpowers in paint cans.  

September 7, 2021  

Ep 225 - Gotham Academy

We are starting our Back to School month in Gotham City. We're packing up our trapper-keepers and starting classes at Gotham Academy.

August 31, 2021  

Ep 224- Lockjaw

Who's a Good Boy?  This week we finish up our Dog Days of summer with the best member of the Eternals, their faithful pal, Lockjaw!

August 24, 2021  

Ep 223 - Grumble

Our dog days of summer continue with Grumble.  A story of a con-man in a pug's body.  Ya know, the same old story.  

August 17, 2021  

Ep 222 - Battle Pug

Take one part Conan the Barbarian, one part Monty Python, shake the shit out of it, and serve on the back of a giant Pug, and you have Battle Pug.

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