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May 4, 2021  

Ep 207 - Darth Vader

May the 4th be with you!  We are celebrating Star Wars all month long. We start out with the biggest baddie in the galaxy - Darth Vader!

May 3, 2021  

Ep 206 - Phonogram

Were getting hipster with our last book of music month, Phonogram.

April 27, 2021  

Ep 205 - Bowie

This week we explore the glam rock revolution with Bowie.

April 19, 2021  

Ep 204 - The Fifth Beatle

This week we are reading the story of the man behind the Beatles.  Our music month continues with The Fifth Beatle.

April 12, 2021  

Ep 203 - Archie Meets Kiss

Riverdale needs to be saved, and the band Kiss is the only one you can count on to do it.  It's the first book of our music month.  

March 29, 2021  

Ep 202 - Catwoman

We end our month of female anti-heroes with Catwoman.

March 22, 2021  

Ep 201 - Lenore

This week we're reliving our hot-topic-goth-days with Lenore the Cute little dead girl. 

March 15, 2021  

Ep 200 - Scarlet

This week we are reading Scalet.  Although it's over a decade old, it still (sadly) feels very current. 

March 6, 2021  

Ep 199 - Anti-Hero

This week we are reading a DC comic aimed at young readers.  Join us for the superhero version of "Freaky Friday" with Anti-Hero.

March 1, 2021  

Ep 198 - Harleen

We are starting out our month of female anti-heroes with the backstory of Harley Quinn. 

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